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Virtual Sessions

The first step in working virtually with Dr. Rhi is helping her understand your health concerns. To do this Dr. Rhi needs your Brain, Metabolic and NSA assessment forms filled and send to her.  You can find these forms here. In addition, Dr. Rhi needs your past medical history, such as your blood work and other diagnosis.

If after reviewing this information Dr. Rhi thinks she can help, an initial virtual consultation will be set up. During this initial meeting Dr. Rhi will discuss your history with you to make sure she understands how she can best help you resolve your concerns.

If it is necessary, sometimes routine blood or DNA tests are ordered and analyzed. For these kinds of routine tests, Dr. Rhi will send you a blood work order for LabCorp, and you will take the order to your local LabCorp and get the testing done. Whatever the test, Dr. Rhi’s staff will walk you through each test, and make sure everything is done right.

Once the test results are in, Dr. Rhi will meet with you virtually.  Dr. Rhi will provide you with a detailed report explaining the test results and treatment.  Treatment will include diet, lifestyle, supplements, and if necessary, a referral for any other investigation or therapy that Dr. Rhi cannot provide.

Once treatment begins, Dr. Rhi will stay in contact with you to make sure things are going good.  In most cases re-testing will be needed to ensure that the treatment is working.

If you are in need of musculoskeletal or neurological issues, Dr. Rhi will help you with exercises that will address your concerns through qi gong exercises, breathwork, neurological reorganization exercises and rehabilitation.

Whatever your issue may be, we will create you a unique protocol of I A.M. chi gong that matches your needs.

Call us or click Book Now to experience your virtual session:

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