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“Miracles happened for me in Dr. Rhi’s healing hands. She is so intuitive and able to support the healing energy in my own body. I have been to several chiropractors and acupuncturists but never has someone so skillfully treated my longtime chronic lower back pain with only one treatment that resulted in walking out of the office pain free!  It has lasted for months (I keep pinching myself, how can this be?) I only occasionally have minor discomfort when lifting more than I should, etc.


The energetic side to healing is so powerful and Dr. Rhi has helped me to embrace that.  Qi Gong and meridian exercise therapy have been effective tools to support and maintain my wellness.  Her holistic approach also includes foods, Eastern medicine principles and herbs, all of which have been beneficial and empowering to my personal journey.”

-Marsha Howe, Farm-A-Yard

"That was the best healing session I have ever had!!! I felt your light and guidance - you are a true blessing to humanity!!"


- Bridgette

"I have been doing Dr Rhi's chi gong every day since Saturday and I just love it so much!! Cant wait for the next lesson!"



"This was a great energetic experience.  We got to experience a mixture of more traditional chi (energy) practice and also eventually soul energy, oneness and even different dimensions.  What I noticed afterwards was that it propelled my life forward.  Rather than control and hold on to stability, it provided fuel for instability to let my life unfold the way it needs to.  I would highly recommend anyone regardless of your experience level to try it out and experience it for yourself."

- Kuang

"My body is free from pain and my soul is expanding with love."

- Elise M.


"I have discarded the pain pills that I have used for over 4 years despite the diagnosis of MS and fibromyalgia. My blood sugar has dropped by over 100 points on average in a very short amount of time. I have also been losing even more weight."

- Sonja S.

"My life and my body are even more flexible."

- Jeff K.

"My pain and spasms are completely better... My heart is healed."

- Kim K.

"The malignancy has now totally disappeared and I have more energy than ever!"

- Teri R.

"Childhood issues were holding me back... Now, I feel like I can move and be all I was created to be! This momma appreciates you!"

- Maria

"Literally changed my life! For over 10 years, I struggled with infertility and menstruation... I became pregnant naturally!!"

- Tara K.

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