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A massive birthday wish of rainbows

This year I celebrate the human 💃 life experience more than ever before. With an appreciation of what it means to be the bridge between 😇 heaven and 🌍 earth. Prior to this year, I didn’t know that everyone didn’t see blue light 🙏 angels all around them and know the magic of dollars duplicating in front of their eyes and opening doors without locks. I didn’t know how special it really is to be able to reach your hand up in celebration and paint a literal rainbow 🌈 in the sky @gondergirl Last year I took an oath to bring heaven to earth, not knowing what that would entail, I gave away my power👼 Rather than amplifying the light in everyone, I amplified their heaviness (I hesitate to use the word darkness as that is actually Holy Spirit) I walked around a festival @totalityfestival unable to feel my own body and instead feeling everyone as if they were me and feeling thick heaviness go through me into the ground through my feet. I later learned this is the magic of Horis and the opposite🌗 of the Isis or Kundalini energy 🪄that I had been using. I had much help from many other Ebed (the word in Hebrew for servant of god 🔯 or slave). And, then I claimed freedom and took my power back. And slowly feel the light 💡of my soul returning to my body. No longer caring who does and does not believe me and that we are all both ☯️Christ and Mary Magdalene and if you’ve watched the show Shadow and Bone you know that the masculine amplifies the light of the feminine, and the past reversals and oppressions are now at and end. Although it may not seem so, we are all claiming our freedom and our 🪄 magic. 3 years ago in Easter 🐣 I awoke with the feeling and knowing that ascension or rapture happens when both the 🌞 Isis and 🌍 Horus energy flow simultaneously up and down through our spines. I was even shown a mathematical explanation for free energy ⚡️that E=MA (not being a mathematician Simone else can figure that out). As freedom is claimed for the people so will it be claimed for Gaia 🌎. And, Christ’s light will enter the 💜 hearts of all of us. We all are doing this together. And, so this year for my birthday 🥳 wish. I wish unconditional love to all beings, I wish that everyone would know that only love 💗 is real and that they have the power to reach up and paint a rainbow in the sky or to duplicate matter (secret recipe love, excitement, grace and more than 1 person). I love 💕 you all. 😘

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