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Network Spinal Chiropractic

What is NS (Network Spinal Chiropractic)?

NS (Network Spinal) is a unique method of chiropractic therapy that employs specialized, low-force touches to the spine to support the nervous system, brain, and body in developing new strategies that promote health and recovery. We are located in Laguna Beach, CA. Network Chiropractic increases spinal and neural integrity, flexibility, and has been demonstrated to alleviate current health and wellness issues (i.e. pain, disease, stress, and so on) as well as greatly enhance wellbeing and quality of life for practise members.

NSA is a chiropractic treatment that uses safe and effective low-force applications throughout the spine to improve precognitive and cognitive self-awareness. Through the neuronal rhythmic pattern of related tissues, this technique is thought to facilitate self-regulation of detrimental mechanical cord tension.

Every disease, according to research, begins with a stress excess. The Network spinal healing technique promotes more self-awareness and conscious awakening of the link between the body, mind, emotion, and expression of the human spirit. The brain is prompted to develop new wellness-promoting methods by a gentle, precise touch to the spine. With this technique, two distinct healing waves emerge. They are a natural discharge of emotions that have been trapped in tissues and muscular tension patterns.

What is NSA (Network Spinal Analysis)?

Stress is a major cause of back and neck pain, low energy, autoimmunity, anxiety, depression and many  physical maladies. In fact, research shows that every dis-ease begins with an overload of stress. That’s because stress causes obstructions to your body’s natural pathways to healing, health and wellness by locking you into negative habits and modes of thought.

Unlock your potential with Network Spinal Analysis in Laguna Beach, CA

Releasing your spinal tension

Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic (NSA) is the first step to relieving the stress locking you into dis-ease, and thus opening your pathway to ultimate health and wellness. NSA’s unique approach to chiropractic care uses specific, low-force touches to the spine which unlock the nervous system, brain, and body’s abilities to self-regulate and develop new strategies of health and healing. This improves spinal and neural integrity and adaptability, and has been shown to address immediate health and wellness concerns (i.e. pain, dis-ease, stress, etc.)

The Path to Mental and Spiritual Wellness

NSA is a safe and effective technique that not only opens the physical self to wellness, but the mental and spiritual self as well. This technique has been shown to enhance precognitive and cognitive self-awareness, leading to significant advances in quality of life for practice members. NSA is also believed to promote self-regulation of adverse mechanical cord tension through the neural oscillatory pattern of associated tissues.

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