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The Interdimensional Alignment Method (or I.A.M.) is a cutting edge technique that combines eastern medicine, energy work and chi gong to help people access their soul's unique frequency so they can manifest the life of their dreams.


For the first time ever, Dr. Rhiannon will be teaching others how to use I.A.M. to activate healing within themself, their loved ones and their clients.

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Coming Fall 2020

This weekend intensive will teach you:









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-how to perceptively feel the 12 main dimensions
-how to access them through symbols & emotions
-how to manifest with ease using the dimensions & heart coherence
-how to align with your destiny in life to align your physical posture

- the science of the soul's worth

- how you can use posture to discover & release energetic blocks

- multidimensional techniques for healing and manifesting through joy

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