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Chi Gong

Did you know that your spine generates its own unique frequency which aligns you with what the ancients call the “muscles of destiny?!”


Join me, Dr Rhiannon Hutton, DC, MAOM for one of my signature I.A.M. Chi Gong classes.


Chi gong is an ancient movement practice designed to cultivate the energy of life. It’s one of the core modalities of the Interdimensional Alignment Method (I.A.M.) a system I created to help people reconnect with their soul frequency and step into the life they’ve always wanted with more ease and joy.


Just as you have to nurture the soil to plant a successful garden, Chi Gong will support you in cultivating your own abundant garden of energy that you can harvest to create the life and body of your dreams.





Offered every twice a week, every week



$33 USD per class

Get classes for 50% off when you grab a monthly pass!

Zoom link provided by email

*the recording of each class will be available online for one week



"I have been doing IAM chi gong every day since Saturday and I just love it so much!! Cant wait for the next lesson!" -Allysa

"Interdimensional Chi Gong class was a great energetic experience.  We got to experience a mixture of more traditional chi (energy) practice and also eventually soul energy, oneness and even different dimensions.  What I noticed afterwards was that it propelled my life forward.  Rather than control and hold on to stability, it provided fuel for instability to let my life unfold the way it needs to.  I would highly recommend anyone regardless of your experience level to try it out and experience it for yourself." - Kuang

  • Energize your body and life

  • Manifest more

  • Attract like minded people to you

  • Heal your emotions

  • Align your posture to your soul frequency

  • Charge your muscles of destiny

  • Claim your energetic sovereignty

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