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When Dr. Rhiannon Hutton graduated valedictorian with a dual alternative medicine degree, she was flying high.. until she found out she had cancer. Along with the help of her mother, Cia Enos, an environmental research scientist and ethnic chef, she went to work researching the best foods on the planet for longevity and health. And, what they found was unbelievable.

For over 40 years, scientists have been researching Methionine Restricted diets with incredible results in:

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- Shrinking Tumors

- Extending Lifespan

- Burning Fat Faster

- Correcting Metabolic Diseases such as Diabetes High Blood Pressure and High Triglycerides

- Resolving Autoimmune Issues & Preventing Neurodegeneration

- Reducing Anxiety and Depression while Improving Focus and Memory

- Helping to Alleviate Pain Inflammation and Cancer

They couldn't believe that this information wasn't readily available to everyone. They spent the next 4 years designing scrumptious recipes and a plan to help people everywhere put The Methionine Restriction Protocol into action.


This book is complete with how and why Methionine Restriction works along with meal planning guides, grocery shopping lists, delicious recipes that are healthy and satisfying. A list of over 1000 low methionine foods are included along with the exact method for finding out how much you can consume. 


If you are ready to making lasting changes towards true health this book can help guide you to transform you and your family's lives with the best food on the planet! And coincidentally, the best foods for you are the most sustainable for the earth, too.

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