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Meet  Dr. Rhiannon Hutton

Things have always been out of the ordinary for me, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been able to see the energetics that affect our reality. I can remember feeling the wall at the hospital where my brother was born when I was 3 to “see” who had touched it before me. My Mom, sister and brother and I would make energy balls and pass them around the room. I really had no clue why I entered my dual graduate degree, other than a desire to help people, until I did Chi Gong for the first time and white light shot up my spine in what is called, the Kundalini experience.

It was really my scientific upbringing that made me so curious as to how it all worked. Like Plato said “we are but shadows on the cave wall.” I knew that we were in a holographic universe but I had to know more about how all the pieces fit together. 


I couldn’t believe that the physical world was all there was when I had so many experiences on my yoga mat and within my clinic that told me otherwise. I knew that if I followed the feel good, the universe always revealed more magic and that scientific evidence of the magic was readily available.

I loved the research on the unique acoustic frequency that is generated within each of our nervous systems, and how the ancients connected the kidneys to our destiny. I was honored to work with a Tony Robbins exercise therapist named Dr. Andrew Buser, who taught me about his theories on the deep automatic muscles that hold the posture erect. And, I realized the connection between our soul’s frequency, our destiny, and our posture.

In my search for the answers to helping others heal themselves and manifest the body and life of their dreams, I knew I had to take a huge leap of faith and make a prayer so big for the world that I could fulfill my own destiny in bringing earth closer to heaven. 

My work with epi-energetics version of manifesting actually landed me in a sort of spiritual psychosis. I downloaded my entire life’s purpose, all of the good and all of the bad in a single moment and lost all proprioception (the sensory network that tells your body what you feel like and where it is in space). I was like a walking Chi Gong master, feeling everyone’s darkness and light as if it were my own. I realized that the system was massively flawed, in that it was teaching you to lose your identity to become god’s identity. 

I remembered, “every hair on our head was counted” and our identity and soul’s purpose is so ingrained into us that our cells even go into the right place when we are babies being formed in the womb based on that unique acoustic frequency. It is only by looking within to our own self and shining the light on our identity that we may actualize ourselves and fully enjoy the party that being human is meant to be.

As I began teaching how to use the dimensions to self-actualize, I initially began working with a partner as I believed ascension or rapture had to be with a partner. This was a massive mistake, although this is one way to connect with and experience your full avatar, you also slide into the other person’s expectations and version of heaven on earth. I actually had one boyfriend who was a plant medicine shaman make me a portal of darkness and another convince me in the first 5 minutes that I was his soulmate and we should get married right away.

Meanwhile I learned that I had found the keys to massively successful manifesting. To be used only with the utmost authenticity, sincerity, and love for both yourself and others because it works so well that other souls will show up to help you and you will be accountable to deliver your full soul’s light. I was also given the gifts of seeing the whole duality of our beautiful universe at play and how to respect both the light and the lessons in the dark if you do not choose the light when it invites you to play.

I began to recognize that we each truly are responsible for our entire observed experience and have a much bigger impact on the world than we realize. That people show up for us as we expect them to, even if only our subconscious is holding negative past experiences that we are not aware of, we still manifest our darkest pain until we alchemize it to create our own heaven without resistance.

As my recognition in my own soul’s delight grew and the importance of giving myself what I came to earth to experience, despite others expectations and desires, I began to be excited again to give and to receive with an open heart, and to experience the joy in all of the dimensions both with myself and with others. 

I began to take huge leaps of faith but this time with a deep soul authenticity that only comes from accepting the huge gap between where I wanted to be and where I actually was and alchemizing or bridging my own gap between heaven and earth. Now I teach others how to access the unlimited energy available in the unified field when we are giving our soul’s authenticity to humanity, and believe me, every soul is worthy of achieving your own destiny, desires, and desires of heaven on earth.




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