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Align To Health & Happiness In Your
Mind, Body & Life! 

I bet you didn't know that each person has a unique sound wave that aligns your spine & causes your heart to beat in a state of joy. Science shows that when your nervous system and heart are in this state of joy, healing, long life and manifesting can happen naturally. Join Dr. Rhiannon Hutton, DC MAOM, for the best acupuncture, non-force network chiropractic, herbal wisdom, qigong and more, on your journey to create your dream life in your dream body. Dr Rhi shows you how to transform emotions, dis-ease, & stuck patterns into fuel for your body, life, career and relationships, faster and more powerfully than ever before. Book an in-person or an online appointment now to experience her most powerful individualized healing with her signature Acupuncture, Gentle Chiropractic & Qigong Energy Healing. You'll receive your own video combining energetic chiropractic, meridian exercises, acupuncture/ acupressure, herbs, breathwork and more. Her patients love it and get the benefits of:

  • Increased Lifespan, Joy & Focus

  • Elimination of Pain, Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Child & Adult Treatments for Attention, Immunity, Post-trauma & Emotional Reset
  • Heightened Energy States for Business, Relationships & Life
  • Postural Alignment, Flexibility, & Spine Problems
  • Hormone Optimization for Happiness, Menopause, Fertility & Labor
  • Ancient & Modern Energy Entrainment for Energy, Libido &  Passion 
  • Decrease Inflammation, Pain, Headaches, Tension & Fatigue
  • Achieve Body Confidence, Enhanced Performance & Fulfillment

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From a very young age, Rhiannon was extremely intuitive, compassionate and aware of the energy, posture and emotions that affect our physical health. Throughout her life she was heavily exposed to the science and ancient arts which inspired her to create a system that can teach anyone how to master your energetics and harness the soul's unique frequency to heal, manifest and live a long life of joy. With this system, she has witnessed what western medicine says are only possible as miracles of alternative medicine.


She prides herself on being the very best at what she does. After graduating as Valedictorian and Herbal Master with a dual graduate degree in Eastern Medicine and Chiropractic, Rhiannon went on to heal from cancer naturally through energetics and the best diet for both you and the planet, too! While exploring the boundaries of energy and focus in her own physical body, she ran 500 miles from Huntington Beach to the Grand Canyon! She has spent a decade studying and treating those western medicine was unable to help with the highest level ancient energetic systems, network spinal energy chiropractic, eastern & functional medicine, diet & more.

Now, in addition to her pro bono work in child cancer, she's devoted to helping successful, busy entrepreneurs heal & enjoy their bodies through holistic comprehensive functional medicine, handmade herbs, diet, postural therapy & chi gong.. the fastest way to align, connect & upgrade the human nervous system to bring joy and health to the lives of every patient! If you want to learn more about working with her, Book A Session today

or Check out her book Eating for Health & Happiness here.


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Learn about The Eating For Health & Happiness Protocol (the most highly researched, yet most hidden diets!) and get tons of delicious recipes to rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

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Clients Love It & Results Are Guaranteed

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"My pain and spasms are completely better... My heart is healed."

- KIM K.

"The malignancy has now totally disappeared and I have more energy than ever."


"My life and my body are more flexible. I don't know what I would have done without you."


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